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Having Giani Jagtar Singh Jachak

As Sanaget knows that we are celebrating Guru Nanak Dev ji Gurupurb on the 27th NOV. Gurudwara Executive Committee very proud to announce that on Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurupurb we are having Ex Head Granthi of Darbar Sahib Giani Jagtar Singh Jachak on the 27th NOV all day.

Life and Achievemenmts

  • Born in 1954 in house of Akali Pritam Singh and Surjit Kaur, he lived in company of Principal Harbhajan Singh and Dr. Dharmanant Singh and studied comparitive religions.
  • He got first rank in Sarb Bharti Gurbani Path Competition in 1979 at Damdama Sahib.
  • He became Head Granthi of Gurdwara Glenckow in USA in 1997.
  • During, 9/11 Attacks in America he started guided around people about Sikh faith as they were thought to be Muslims.

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Writings of Jagtar Singh Jachak

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